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Fairfax Resolves Officers


President Jeff Thomas
First Vice President Woody Bentley
Second Vice President Ken Bonner
Third Vice President Mark Anderson
Secretary Lawrence “Larry” McKinley
Treasurer Carl Loveland
Chaplain Lawrence “Larry” McKinley
Historian/Public Relations William Denk
Registrar & Genealogist David Cook
Web Master Darrin Schmidt



Board of Managers


Immediate Past President Vernon “Vern” Eubanks
Three Year Term Rick Abbott
Two Year Term William “Bill” Price
One year Term Phillip “Phil” Ray




Committee Chairmen



Committee Chair
Law Enforcement Ken Bonner
Fire Safety Vernon Eubanks
Rev. War Graves Dave Cook
Rumbaugh Oration Lawrence “Larry” McKinley
Knight Essay Jeff Thomas
C.A.R Lawrence “Larry” McKinley
Eagle Scholarship Vacant
National History Day Vacant
School Poster Contest Phillip “Phil” Ray
Flag Committee Vacant
Veterans Committee Rick Garlick
Teacher of the Year Donald “Don” Cooper, PhD
Citizen of the Year Byron Smith Sr., Esq.
History Education Youth Award Lawrence “Larry” McKinley
Web Site Committee Darrin Schmidt
Historic Celebrations Vern Eubanks
Falcon's Landing POC Marv Murray



Emeritus Officers

Secretary/Treasurer Richard Spurr
Chaplain William Youngs




2017 Fairfax Resolves Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution